​Hi, I am Dr. Ankita Srivastava. I am a gynaecologist and obstetrician with 10 years of experience. I currently practice at the Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in New Delhi and at Zoe Nutrition For Life. I am the co-creator of the conceive effortlessly online program to help you get pregnant faster, naturally, easily & most definitely. 😊

I often interact with several patients regarding their problems and know some of the most common queries, issues and concerns that modern couples have when they are trying to start their family and conceive a baby. I believe that we can all learn from each other's journey and hence I document such interactions so that others can learn from these learnings too. One such case has been shared by me below.

Patient's query:

"What should I do further given my condition and problem with my follicular count and size? Also, please guide me regarding what should I do further if I'm still unable to conceive even after the ovulation induction process?"

The patient had shared her test reports with me. Her AMH level was 1.27, and thyroid level was normal. Her husband's semen analysis also came out to be normal. "The only problem with me is the account in the follicles. They are only three in number. They're not increasing in number/ size.", she said. She had undergone ovulation induction (or OI), to help her with this issue. This process helped the size to increase to around 20 cms. She wanted to understand what she should be doing further as she had still not conceived post the OI process and she's starting to feel a little restless about why that's the case and how soon can she conceive?

My recommendations:

Dr. Ankita Srivastava

"Don't worry about it because it only takes one follicle to conceive a baby and achieve pregnancy. So now, what is happening with ovulation induction in your case is that your size has gone up. It's supposed to go up till at least 18mm for it to rupture. In your case, it's going up to 20 mm, which is a good thing. Also, the rupture of the follicle is also taking place, which means, you are ovulating. Your husband's semen analysis is also fine. So, I don't think that there will be a problem for conceiving at all. You can keep trying to conceive naturally and you should be able to get pregnant soon. However, if you are thinking that it should happen a little earlier, then you can also go for Intrauterine Insemination (or IUI for short) along with the ovulation induction, wherein they will take your husband's semen and plant it directly into your uterus. So that way, the motility of the sperm and everything else will be taken care of and that can help you achieve pregnancy in a little faster way. You can also keep going for the lifestyle modifications, because this going to increase the effect and the success rate of your interventions. Also, this is nothing to worry about at all, because you are ovulating properly, so you will definitely be able to conceive. Don't worry.

As far as the lifestyle modifications are concerned, here are some of the things you can follow. If you want to conceive, then ideally you should be looking at correcting you lifestyle to help you improve your egg quality, as egg count is something that can't really be increased. It takes a minimum of three months for these modifications to start acting and show any kind of results/ impact. For this, you can have a healthy lifestyle: Good diet and good exercise. Now, when it comes to diet, you have to cut down on sugars, cut down on rice and you have to increase the amount of proteins in your diet as well as increase the amount of antioxidants in your diet. If you're a vegetarian, take more of pulses, cottage cheese (paneer), etc. And, if you are a non-vegetarian, then you can have chicken, fish, etc. All these things will increase protein in your body. Also, have lots and lots of green leafy vegetables, coloured vegetables, coloured fruits, etc. These are very good sources for you. Increasing Vitamin C in the body is also important. So, citrus fruits, oranges, amla, all these you can have. And then, of course, you need to have lots of antioxidants. Lots of blueberries, lots of strawberries, lots and lots of water, lots of juices (without sugar). If you have this, if you have fruits in your diet, if you have vegetables in your diet, half of your problem is already gone. You can have, nuts soaked in water over night. If either of the partners is smoking or drinking, they need to stop doing that completely. Smoking and drinking will interfere with conception and not just for the female, but for both the partners. So that needs to go down for both of them. Tea and coffee needs to go down for both the partners as well. And, if you are trying to conceive, then you should not have any medicines that can hamper your conception. The second thing is that you need to have good amount of exercise in your routine. Good aerobic exercises that make you breathe, like walking, running, jogging, swimming, dancing, cycling or anything else that you enjoy doing. This has to be done at least 30 to 45 minutes, five times a week. So don't get disheartened. All of us are with you. And we know for sure that you will definitely conceive. Just remember that it takes one good egg to conceive. And since you're already ovulating, that's a very good sign. I would advise, if you are worried, then you can go with IUI along with it to increase your chances of conception. So you can try IUI along with following all the lifestyle modifications that I've shared with you. Your body is completely fine and you will definitely be able to conceive, don't worry. Just keep working on it. Just be persistent and keep trying in your best during the fertile period. Also, if possible, you should go for some meditation, some relaxing techniques because I understand that you are very stressed and that needs to be taken care of."

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