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A lot of you ask me what is the best diet to follow when planning for a pregnancy or trying to conceive. 

You’ve heard the old saying… We are what we eat!  Food gives you energy, nourishes your body, ensures repairs and proper functioning of organs and organ systems, protects you from diseases and when you are pregnant it literally builds the baby within you. 

What diet to follow when planning for a pregnancy?

Here are some pointers you need to keen in mind when planning a diet in the trying to conceive phase. 

Do you consume fresh, home cooked, healthy meals regularly or do you order in fast food or eat out often? Who runs the kitchen in your house? How do you plan to feed a little child who will soon be running around the house? How were you fed as a child? If you don’t have an efficient, well-run kitchen, fragrant with the spices and oils and grains and vegetables and fruits and aromas of fresh good food, time to make it now. A child needs a kitchen much before he or she needs a crib or a nursery.  

Here are a few specific points in the diet to be mindful of.

1) How much tea, coffee and chocolate do you consume? 

You will need to cut down to 1 to 2 average cups of tea or  coffee a day in your pregnancy. It would be prudent to start now. 

2) What is your sugar consumption like?

It’s better to cut back now to begin reaping the benefits. 

3) Do you consume fresh seasonal fruits on a daily basis? 

If not, it’s a good idea to begin today. 

4) Do you eat your meals at regular times? 

Or are there large gaps in meal times?

5) Do you indulge in late night, unhealthy snacking? 

Or are you snug in bed at a decent hour?

6) Are you taking any supplements?

If you are actively planning a pregnancy, folic acid supplementation is vital to reduce the risk of birth defects in your baby. It is best to begin this three months prior to conceiving and continue through your first trimester or first 3 months of pregnancy. 

7) Have you consulted your doctor for any other vitamin and mineral supplementation that may be needed for you

Improving these gradually, one at a time will lay the foundation for good health in your soon to be expanding family.

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Next time when you see yourself indulging in mindless eating, think about this...

Get rid of all chips, chocolates, biscuits, cakes and any other quick fix you know isn’t healthy for you. When planning a meet-up with friends, instead of eating out or having a coffee, can you explore other fun options? Does time with friends have to be at a mall or a café or at home with food and cold drinks ordered in? Could it be a walk in the neighbourhood park or a relaxing head massage or a home pedicure? Could you bond over knitting scarves together munching on oranges in the winter sun or reorganising your closet or prepping for a homemade meal, chopping vegetables together for a soup? In the 1980s and 90s, I remember for my mother, socialising with her friends meant all these things! Eating out was a luxury perhaps once in 6 months! We miss the slow and simple life, the deep connections. Well, it's up to us to craft our life the way we want! 

Designing the perfect nutrition plan, that works for you!

At Zoe, we have a very holistic approach to helping you adopt a healthy lifestyle and there by improve your chances to conceive naturally. Our team listens to you, holds your hand and designs personalized nutrition plans that you can follow to help you achieve your goals.  You can also read this article by my colleague Neha Ranglani, on what are the 5 points we focus on while designing your nutrition plan. 

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Love and good health,

Dr. Parul Chopra Buttan
Gynaecologist & Obstetrician
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Dr. Parul Chopra Buttan

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