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What is the best age to plan a pregnancy?

At present, you are the youngest you will ever be going forward. The biological clock ticking is a reality. 

What is the best age to plan a pregnancy?

Plan early. The most important factor affecting the number and quality of eggs for women is their age. Fertility in human females peaks at the age of early twenties. It declines gradually upto the age of 30. The decline is faster after that upto the age of 33-35. After the age of 33-35, the fall in fertility is sharp. There is no way of increasing the number of eggs present in the ovaries at any given time. What can be done is utilise the window of reproductive age given by nature at the best possible time. So ladies, if you are thinking about expanding your family, you feel reasonably ready, the golden rule about age (after the age of 20 years!) is “the younger, the better”. 

And what about men? How does age affect your fertility?

While the woman’s fertility declines sharply with advancing age, the effects of age on men are much less distinct. Men can father children when into their 50s or even later. Women are born with a fixed number of potential eggs and this pool inexorably declines as age advances until it is functionally exhausted at menopause. Chances of pregnancy in a woman continue to decline with lesser and lesser number of eggs remaining. However, in men, the germs cells or spermatogonium keep multiplying and producing millions of sperms well into advancing age. Even in their 80s, men produce millions of sperms into the semen, although the count and quality of sperms reduces somewhat with advancing age. It is estimated that about hundred to 200 million sperms are produced each day during adult life and more than 1 trillion sperms are produced during a normal reproductive lifespan of a man. These are staggering numbers especially if you compare that on an average, a woman produces about 400 eggs during a normal reproductive lifespan.

So if you are a man reading this article, I would still say 'plan early' 😊

So when is the best time to start? 

We prepare for the big events in life, we plan for the important phases such as retirement. Ask any good financial advisor one advice for financial planning for a comfortable retirement, and he is likely to say ‘START EARLY’.

The same goes for the greatest change your body, your family, your life will undergo. Whether you are planning for a pregnancy now, or in a few months, or next year or sometime later, if having a baby is on the horizon for you, this video will cover the preparation you can invest in to reduce the risks and maximise your chances of a healthy and happy pregnancy. 

A pregnancy is a stepping stone to parenthood. It’s like a cocoon which you enter as a caterpillar and exit as a butterfly. The change that you go through physically, mentally, emotionally and socially is enormous. If you are aligned with nature, all of this change enables you to become a wonderful parent. 

Finally know this, whenever you decide to plan a pregnancy is the best time. Go forward with a positive attitude. I have written an article about 1 secret ingredient, that I have seen over and over again in my 20 years of experience, play a huge role in helping couples conceive. You can go read about it here. You will definitely conceive. 😊

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Dr. Parul Chopra Buttan

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